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Sports & Fitness Training

Spencer Schneider is a personal trainer and fitness consultant with a passion for assisting clients on their journeys in achieving their health and fitness goals.

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Spencer Schneider has maintained an active love for sports and physical activity since childhood. As a young boy, he enjoyed keeping active in the great outdoors. His favorite sports included surfing, rugby, snowboarding, golf, skateboarding and more.

Unafraid of a challenge, he regularly picked up new activities to put his abilities to the test. The sense of teamwork and camaraderie that he developed as a kid is alive and well when he enters his gym, Spencer Schneider Training Facility.

Today, as a health and fitness trainer and consultant, Spencer Schneider works one-on-one with clients to devise effective routines. Working directly with his clients, he takes on their unique goals using cutting-edge concepts and techniques.

Meal Prep & Nutrition

Spencer Schneider is a culinary champion -- cheffing up tasty and nutritious meals is a skill he brings to the table in his work.

He is a strong believer in the idea that fitness training begins at home, in the kitchen. That’s why Spencer Schneider integrates nutrition into his services. By tailoring a plan to meet a client’s individual needs, the health and fitness trainer works to devise an appropriate meal preparation guide. Pre-planning meals at the start of the week has proven extremely effective for Spencer Schneider. He enjoys weaving his successful experiences into his work as a trainer. When he offers advice on nutrition, he is confident that his proposed techniques will lead his clients to success. A self-proclaimed ‘foodie,’ taste and flavor are taken into account when devising meal prep plans for his clients.

Spencer Schneider believes that you don’t need to sacrifice savory meals to maintain fitness goals. It’s all about a balanced diet.

Fitness Routines & Programs

Spencer Schneider Training Facility offers an array of workout routines and programs. Each plan is individually devised to target a client’s unique needs.

Boxing and Boot Camp Training are two of Spencer Schneider’s most successful approaches to fitness training. The Boot Camp Training program puts participants to the test. Clients will observe their progression in real time, working to strengthen a variety of muscle groups in the process. The challenge will help clients to develop new strengths and abilities while having a fun and memorable experience with their devoted health and fitness trainer, Spencer Schneider.

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